In Essence


My name is Bernine (as I'm sure you guessed) and I have a passion for taking photos of moments in time that are too beautiful not to be captured and cherished.  Being able to look back on landmarks in peoples' lives, as well as making ordinary things seem a little extra-ordinary, are a couple reasons why I love photography. 

Beyond my love for photography, I have an obsession with thrifting, antiquing, decorating, and refurbishing. If given the choice, I'd only eat Vietnamese, sushi and dim sum... with a side of cheesecake. Traveling is what my husband and I live for. We love to snorkel and explore new waters and lands together. Watching Modern Family. playing Crib and cuddling with our pig, Dublyn, are some of our favourite past-times. Creativity is what makes my heart beat.

Hearing the stories of how couples met and fell in love is one of my favourite parts of photographing engagements and weddings. Each couple has a unique story, a different path to their journey and a special way of expressing their love. Each family has a unique dynamic and each person has a soul that can be glimpsed through the eye of a lens. 

I would be honoured to be a part of those special moments in life you never want to forget!

Along with my love for photography is a love of travel! If I could travel the world taking photographs I would be in a state of complete bliss! My husband and I both share this passion and do as much traveling as we possibly can. I've been all over Canada, The U.S., Mexico, Cuba, The UK, many places in Europe, Philippines, China, Thailand and throughout parts of Africa. Each place has taught me something new, beautiful, and heart breaking. Foreign faces are etched in my mind forever. I've lived life deeply, intensely and painfully but I wouldn't change anything. I love our home together and couldn't imagine not having a place to call home, but our hearts also long for the horizon. I believe that having seen so much of the world has had an influence on my style of photography and how I perceive life through the lens of my camera. There can be beauty found even in the broken as well as brokenness found in the beauty. I want my life to be one that leaves this world a more beautiful place and that my photos will move souls.