Jype + Krystal

You guys, these two are literally the sweetest, most adorable couple. EVER. Ah! This day was incredible on so many levels. What is awesome is that it is another case of having met the couple in Perth, Australia and then them getting married in Canada and asking me to be their photographer! What a sweet and small world we live in.

Their big day was full of laughter, twirling, goosebumps, friends from all over the world, family from remote islands, and the cutest venue ever! They said their vows in Sidney, BC at The Kildara Farms (which is a place where dreams go to come alive! For real.) Jype and Krystal had such a sweetness about them that made capturing their love simple. They took some time in the loft of the barn to take in the moment, and quite honestly, it was breath taking to be a part of. I love the photos from this day and I love the fact that my hubby, Allen, was there as my second shooter. (He took some amazing shots and note that the last photo is his! *proud wife moment*)